St David’s – just an hour away from The Boat House b&b in Laugharne

We had a day trip to St David’s this week. It’s an arty type of place with galleries, plenty of restaurants and coffee shops, non-chain boutiques (I love anything individual) and several hills. The cathedral is massive, with an amazing wooden ceiling and stunning stained glass, particularly the two round windows near the main entrance. There are ancient tombs, well maintained gardens and a gift shop in the cathedral too. We can now wholeheartedly recommend St David’s to our guests, it’s a reasonable drive and makes a quirky interesting day trip from our bed and breakfast. Laugharne is convenient like that, pretty central and yet a place out of time worth losing yourself in. Nearly forgot too – on the way to St David’s there’s an incredible view of the sea, you feel you’re about to drive into it, when you head down the hill into Newgale. Enjoy.

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