A new look at The Boat House b&b

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We are constantly upgrading the rooms here at The Boat House bed and breakfast in Laugharne. This week it’s new covers and cushions for the beds in our Scarlet and Olive rooms. Don’t they look smart?

Recently we’ve also changed the lamps in several rooms, added new signage outside, updated curtains, renewed covers for window seats, put down new runners in the hallway, and done everything we think necessary to make the place look as chic and welcoming as possible.

Lily the Dog at The Boat House B and B

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For the first time we let out the Scarlet room to some conscientious dog owners. The Scarlet room, being next to the front door, is ideal for such an adventure.

Lily then arrived. A cross between a Jack Russell and ???  What a delight. She was better behaved than most people, and

Greeting us

Curious Lily

won us over with her good natured curiosity and friendly manner. Lily did not disturb any of the other guests.

The room is now available  and open to other well behaved small dogs. Call us to discuss your booking on 01994 427263.

Dinner in Laugharne?

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Many guests who visit us at The Boat House b&b in Laugharne wonder where to eat? There are several places within convenient walking distance, but for those who want a change we can also provide dinner in house. We ask for a day’s notice, and an idea of your favourite foods (as well as those best avoided). Then we’ll put together a meal to suit you, two or three courses by special arrangement.

Just ask us for details when you book or when you check in.

We hope this means that eating in Laugharne will bring our guests a little of what they really, really want.

Here (from June) is a casseroled lamb shank with herbs and carrots, creamed celeriac and potato plus runner beans. Just so you get the idea. If summer comes back we’ll do some cold dinners too

Hot Rods at Pendine

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Several guests at The Boat House b&b this weekend were here visiting the vintage Hot Rod extravaganza nearby at Pendine Sands.

We went along too and shot some interesting images, ranging from a model T Ford from 1931 to a recent Morgan, a modern day classic that’s built to order.

There was racing along the beach where Donald Campbell famously set the world land speed record and lots of people with their dogs. Luckily the weather stayed dry and everyone seemed happy to be there.

We gather there will be another similar event in September, and probably a bike rally coming up soon too. As Laugharne is only 4 miles up the road we’re perfectly placed for visitors to these events.

New Art at The Boat House B&B Laugharne

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Local artist Prudence Walters called in today with some fresh artwork for us to display in The Boat House. Her work is inspired by local scenes and painted in Laugharne. Prudence’s style is abstract with broad sweeps of bright colour. It certainly brings a touch of modernity to our place, and a print or original would make the perfect present if you can bear to part with it. Prices start from £50.

Images of Laugharne

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Videos Coming Soon

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Keep an eye out for videos of the ‘Best B&B in Laugharne’, to quote one of our customers. The web site www.theboathouselaugharne.co.uk will give you some idea of the size and sumptuous nature of the rooms. Take look now.

A 5 star performance

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It was a busy breakfast service at The Boat House b&b in Laugharne this morning. There were clients eating, some were about to depart. Then the bell rang. The bread had already been delivered so who could it be?

Enter the Health and Hygiene Inspector. Having only been here 5 weeks, we knew this was going to happen. We just didn’t know when. The thought of plate spinning is an obvious one here, especially as one of our guests needed a lift to the station within the hour.

However, although we were trying to do several different things all at the same time, it went really well. The inspector was very human and approachable which was a relief. We answered her numerous questions and still managed to attend to guests and check some out. They wrote a very complimentary review in our Visitors’ Book too.

And the verdict? 5 stars for hygiene and cleanliness. We are proud of our beloved Boat House b&b achieving the top rating.  And our guest got his train too!

The Boat House – Bed and Breakfast

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